Most Appropriate Named Flower

Truly a “Morning Glory”!


8 Responses to “Most Appropriate Named Flower”

  1. The colors of the petles look really great. What sort of Camera do you have?

    But wanna hear something weird I just read about Morning Glory?
    (from one of my school books) “The seeds of the Morning Glory are shaped like lentils and are very dangerous. Eating them can cause Severe Mental problems and Brain Damage”
    And looking farthing in to it, I found that it can sometimes make you high.

    Weird huh? Never thought that those pretty little Morning Gloryโ€™s had such a punch.

  2. Actually I have known that for some time. Ahem. Would You like to know why I know?

    BTW I have a NIKON D80.

  3. that might explain something…

  4. Sorry people, it’s not nearly as interesting as I make it sound.

    I just used to be obsessed with everything dangerous, so I read every book I could find about dangerous stuff. And that is how I know that tid bit of info.

    Sorry to disappoint, but thats the truth.

  5. No, don’t be sorry.

    Danger is pretty cool if under control (if thats even possible), live on the edge, feel the rushing wind. Let GO!

    Yeah, it’s cool. =)


  6. Wow, that’s a very nice photo!

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